My Book Cover

My book cover was designed by and I think she did a fantastic job with the cover. I might have the text at the top tweaked a bit to add “Book One” and so on, but otherwise, it is perfect. It suits my novel perfectly and I couldn’t be happier. I am looking forward to having her make the print version but I need to have my final manuscript ready for that. Let me know what you honestly think of the cover 🙂



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I am a 38 year old writer and jill-of-many-trades, a world traveler, a sometimes expat and a dedicated freethinker.

3 thoughts on “My Book Cover”

  1. If this is a fantasy book, it is spot on. Think the image is striking and the font perfect for that genre. It looks professional and polished.
    I am not sure what the ‘new world’ text refers too.
    Some may think it is about America, it’s not clear just from looking at the cover. I am not sure this matters though – overall, I really like it (and I am very fussy.)
    Good luck with it.

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