About Me

Me ^
Me ^

I was born in Berlin in 1977 to a Hungarian father and Isreali-American mother. They returned to the USA with me when I was less than a year old.

I grew up (mostly) in New Orleans.

I went to performing arts high school for two years in Manhattan.

I travel a lot.

I have lived in Panama, Prague and Budapest as an expat. I have a home in Panama and consider it “home”.

I have severe epilepsy. I have on average between three and ten seizures a day.

I have never driven a car.

I have been an “extra” in sixteen films.

I was once stranded on a deserted island for four days with no food or water. I chopped down coconuts with a machete to avoid dehydration.  Seriously. It was awesome.

I have been to England, Ireland, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Serbia, Turkey, Iceland, Norway, Panama, Colombia, Mexico and China.

I have no children. I am child-free by choice and happy.

I make soap, perfume, lotion and other nice smelling things.

I write “dirty books” for a living.

I used to be a bio-chem lab technician before I realized I would rather write, travel and make things for a living. Yes, you can make a living doing those things but it is hard work. My goal is to make a living always through creativity.

I am married to an awesome man who is my best friend. We have been together 16 years and blissfully happy.

I’m a nerd. I love RPGs (Pathfinder, Dungeons & Dragons, etc.), fantasy, science fiction, SCA, Renaissance faires, steampunk,  and any excuse to dress up in costume.

That’s pretty much it.


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