I tend to see things differently when looking at a printed page than I do when looking at a computer screen. I edit better by hand, in handwriting, on the printed page. There is also something wonderfully satisfying about printing out finished pages and holding something tangible in my hands. I printed my manuscript today and it ate up two brand new ink cartridges, spilling 403 pages out in beautiful inky glory. I’ve written short stories and published quite a few, but I have never had the sublime pleasure of holding a thick block of manuscript, heavy and substantial in my hands. It is all consuming for a day. I suppose the excitement will fade in a day – maybe two, but right now everything is MY BOOK. I have a glossy black manuscript folder and it is filled solid. Today, everything is-

I’m in an elevator WITH MY BOOK.

I’m drinking coffee WITH MY BOOK.

I’m carrying MY BOOK everywhere.

I am obnoxious. I just want to hold it all the time. Of course, this newfound ego won’t last. I am painfully aware of the book’s weaknesses and once I start editing, this high will crash into the ground like a fucking dart, but for now, MY BOOK.


Writing by the seat of my pants…

I used to cringe over writing a book even though it is my passion and something I feel I need to do in life. The idea of tackling it made me nauseous. Two weeks ago, I suddenly put digital pen to paper and words started forming, flying out like wicked screeching monkeys. I don’t know what inspired this bout of creative outpouring but I am now 37,000 words in (in two weeks!) and about 135 pages along. The story is just… happening. I am posting it as I write on my other blog and I admit fully that it is a rough, extremely rough draft. It is alpha or pre-alpha, but it is mine and I love it and I don’t care if it isn’t all that because it is in fact, a bag of chips.


My favorite so far…

My favorite one so far...


I’m getting better at blending and learning a lot more patience when I draw. I used Copic markers and Copic multiliner pens to make this one and I like it quite a bit. It is the first thing I have made that I am really happy with. Not bad for a beginner 🙂