Work In Progress: Copic Markers!

Work In Progress: Copic Markers!

I got some beautiful Copic markers – OMG they are amazing! I doodled around and came up with this in an effort to use as many colors as possible (and still only used half). I am terrible at blending, as you can see, and I wasn’t giving this my full attention, but I kind of like it for it’s chaos and color profusion. I’ll work on it a little more and see if I can get those bits blended more and the edges shaded. Copic markers are the absolute shiznit. It feels like painting with a brush but with better control. I was lucky enough to find a set on Ebay for reasonably cheap but they are usually $5 to $6 PER MARKER.


16 Boxes

16 Boxes

Practice doodling. I screwed up quite a bit but had fun making them. Totally botched one of them so I blackened it. I shall call it “Dark Matter” and pretend it was on purpose 😉