Homemade solid perfume… in huge jars

Homemade solid perfume... in huge jars

I am moving at the end of July – internationally, to Panama! Since I am taking very little with me (two suitcases… that’s it!) I have to either sell or use up my soap and perfume making supplies. I decided to make myself some solid perfume. I usually make it in small slider tins like a lip balm sized container… but I have these three ounce jars and I figured why not.

So, I made my favorite scents in supersize. I didn’t bother to make them pretty, as I am not selling them, but they smell great. I usually have a fairly active Etsy shop where I sell lip balm, perfume, soap, lotion, body scrubs and other wonderful smelling things but during the move I am putting that on a back burner until I get settled in Panama, then I’ll see if it is a viable thing to continue doing as a business. The ingredients I use are a bit expensive and hard to get in Panama, plus shipping products I sell internationally would be an unfair cost to customers and a hassle for me.

I am considering getting my mother-in-law to be a distribution point for me. I would just send her a big box and she could do the shipping from her California address. Lots to think about. But in any case… delicious smelling things!