Wanna read my book for free?

I am uploading many chapters very rapidly to Wattpad. Once they are all uploaded, I will leave the finished book on the site for just a day or two and then remove it so I can publish. It’s like a sneak preview for those that have been following from the beginning. Check out the book here:

Thornwood: A Novel Of A New World


My Book Cover

My book cover was designed by http://melchelledesigns.com and I think she did a fantastic job with the cover. I might have the text at the top tweaked a bit to add “Book One” and so on, but otherwise, it is perfect. It suits my novel perfectly and I couldn’t be happier. I am looking forward to having her make the print version but I need to have my final manuscript ready for that. Let me know what you honestly think of the cover 🙂


I wrote a book!

I have not updated this art blog in a while because my attentions have been elsewhere, obsessing on writing a book. Well, I wrote a book. Now I am editing that book. It is a science fiction and fantasy (yes, both genres, mostly sic-fi but with a sprinkle of fantasy) book that takes place in a small English village called Thornwood. I have a blog dedicated to the process of writing the book as well as a writing journal. I am also on Wattpad.

You can see my writing blog here 

And my Wattpad is here

My Facebook page is here

I would greatly appreciate any likes, follows or support that you can give. Writing a book is a dream of mine and I am so close to the finish line, which will be life changing for me. I have wanted to be a writer my whole life and finally the elements are coming together. The confidence is raw and the fear of putting myself out there is almost crippling. Any support helps to get past that.

I follow back and like back, as I appreciate every one.

Thank you so much!

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