My favorite so far…

My favorite one so far...


I’m getting better at blending and learning a lot more patience when I draw. I used Copic markers and Copic multiliner pens to make this one and I like it quite a bit. It is the first thing I have made that I am really happy with. Not bad for a beginner 🙂








A tangle stem with watercolor inks

A tangle stem with watercolor inks

More experimentation. Can’t say I am happy with the outcome but I’m figuring out my tools. Yay.

Secret Poem

Secret Poem

Another tile I did today. I have been writing attempts at poetry the last few days. I have been down with seizures (I have very severe epilepsy) and I have been using drawing as a bit of therapy. I realized that I wanted to put a poem on the paper, but I was not ready to externalize the poem I had in mind, so I wrote it behind the drawing if that makes sense. Only bits of the poem are there and you can let your brain connect and complete the bits in between.

Baby Owls

I did this on a Zentangle tile today at my coffee hang out, which is really my chocolate brownie hang out. I wasn’t really using any “actual” tangle patters (that I am aware of) but rather just randomly going along with my brain. I really need to work on that light effect I tried (important word here is “tried”) to do. But I like it.